La organización de Zavala Hispanic Cultural Initiave celebro sus 10 años de servir a la comunidad Hispana en Texoma.

Una de las presentaciones que más impacto y  toco los corazones de los presentes durante la celebración, fue el discurso de la señorita Julie Araujo.

A continuación el discurso:

As a child, you grow up envisioning a life without any burdens and without any worries.  Though other races are as cultural and close as Latinos are, they do not understand what we go through and the journey that shapes who we are. I can honestly say that if it were not for my personal experiences I would not be the mature, determined, and responsible young adult that I am today.

Hearing the stories about how my parents came into theUnited States, and how they took the risk to provide their family with a better future is something that hit me really hard. My parents have always told me how lucky I am to have so many opportunities and how they struggled to get what teenagers my age receive every day such as food and a place to stay. Neither of my parents finished school because they had to work to help their families. My dad dropped out at the age of fourteen and my mother at the age of fifteen. This gave them the drive to cross the border. Though they knew crossing over would be difficult and that once they were over they would be faced with challenges, they were brave enough to do it. They were strong enough to leave loved ones behind and not see them for years in order to rise from having nothing.

There would be days when my father would be working day and night as a bus boy earning only $3.25 an hour.  I can only ask myself how he did it to put food on the table, and my own response is that he was determined to make something of himself and actually provide for his family. I also remember hearing how my mom had no one to talk to for years besides my older sister. She was alone, but she was willing to be alone, because she had faith that God would help in the end. Knowing all of this, I cannot help but feel angry when I hear Americans say that Latinos steal their jobs and only cross to ruin things, because I know that it’s only ignorance speaking. I am positive that many Americans would not work long hour shifts for only $3.25 an hour such as my dad did. They would think themselves better than that and look for something else, whereas Latinos do not care what they are working as, as long as they have food on the table and clothing on their children. This is why I have become a determined person, because I want to help provide for my family and show them that I appreciate everything they have done for me.

I was able to go where my parents grew up and where they slept. I was able to see how a life inMexicoisn’t as easy as a life here. Nothing is handed to you as a Latino. We are brought up, learning how to work for what we want and how to appreciate it whenever we do receive it. We are also brought up seeing our parents have fear of getting sent back.  We know this is home but others believe that it is not simply because many of us were not born here, and this is the sad truth. I never want to see my dad cry again and ask for pictures of our house in case he is deported. I never want him telling me that if he is gone and we’re separated, that he will always think of me. I do not want to feel the emptiness again when other family members are deported. And I do not want another child facing this burden like I did, even though I know there is one feeling it right now.

Thanks to God, I am fortunate to say that my parents no longer need to fear this and I am fortunate to see these struggles because they have helped me grow. Yes, I am mature and yes I am responsible, but I thank my parents for it, and I thank them for their hard journey. My parents and their bravery is what shaped the person that I am today. My parents make me proud of where we’re from. My parents make me proud to be a Latina.

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